Couples photo shoot in the Swiss Alps

It’s impossible to create a list of prices for every situation. Or location. (United Kingdom or Switzerland.) I can offer different prices for the different seasons (high and low). A discount if you can pay in advance. Please get in contact. Send me some details. It will not cost you anything.

I like to keep busy. I’d rather photograph 5 weddings at £xxx instead of 1 wedding at £x,xxx.
I live in Switzerland and Leyland, Lancashire. My travel costs are very low.
Slightly more expensive for a photo shoot in Venice, Italy.

I will edit the images in batches of 150. Each batch will be uploaded to your web gallery. No long waiting time for the images.

What’s on offer

All my couples will get:
– Most of the pictures. Not a selective few. (I will not send you pictures of my shoes, the gravel road, out of focus, etc.)
– Post production editing (brightness, contrast etc. Similar to the pictures on this website.)
– Online pin protected web gallery.
– All the edited images on a USB flash drive. Without a photographer’s watermark.

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