John Wisdom Photography

John Wisdom Photography

Photographer working in the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

John Wisdom photography

I enjoy meeting and working with new people. I also enjoy new challenges. I am not a 9 to 5 person. I am flexible.

I work in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. I have a home in Lancashire, Switzerland and northern Norway.  Most of my work is with tourists visiting Switzerland. Which is why I call my business “Swiss Photo”.

I like to be creative but customer satisfaction is my priority. My prices are very reasonable as I like to keep busy. I speak English, German and Norwegian.

My aim is to capture the spirit of the day at weddings. The mood, the feelings and everything that makes it a special day. Special moments that will create memories. In addition to those special moments, I will capture the traditional pictures (family groups etc.) . I am flexible and quick to adapt to any situation.

We have many interesting locations in Switzerland including lakes, rivers, castle ruins and the spectacular Swiss Alps. I enjoy hiking and landscape photography which help me discover new locations. I have recorded over 100 of my hikes on the Komoot app.

I am a learning by doing person. When possible, I love to attend workshops. I have attended several wedding photography workshops with some of the best photographers in the world like Yervant. It helps develop my camera and composition skills. I also meet photographers from around the world. I have a big network of photographer friends all over the world from the workshops.


John Wisdom


Photographer John Wisdom
UK: Leyland, near Manchester, England
Switzerland: Ringgenberg, Interlaken, Switzerland
Tel. (upon request)

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