Manchester photographer in Interlaken Switzerland

Available for assignments in the UK and Switzerland

Manchester photographer in Interlaken Switzerland

I’m a lucky man who has a home in Leyland and Interlaken. Most of my work as a photographer comes from tourists in Switzerland. It’s my other website that attracts them to my services! (

I have been travelling most of my life. Living in Norway and Switzerland with my home above Manchester. I have created this website in the hope of getting more work in the United Kingdom.

My work abroad has helped me develop as a photographer. More work means more experience. Every assignment is never the same. I’m not a 9 to 5 person. I get on well with people and they become quickly at ease in front of my camera.

Having an expensive camera doesn’t make a good photographer. (I use a Nikon D850.) It’s the person behind the camera. The more you work the better you become. I’m constantly looking for new ideas on the Internet (posing, locations etc.).

I have participated in workshops with the best wedding photographers in the world. (Yervant in Venice; Brett Florens in London etc.) I become friends with photographers from around the world. We keep in contact and share advice over Facebook.

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